And how the weather stays, the rain stays or stays?


The rain this morning was a surprise to many, although on Friday night the sky full of clouds predicted some precipitation and a lot of cold.

In this way, what the National meteorological service I expected for the morning of this Saturday.

Concerning the late night it is also provided Cloudy skies with a chance of drizzle isolated, then improve with light or moderate winds from the southern sector.

to tomorrow It provides a at least 0º, a nice cool morning, and one up to 21º. On Sunday the sky is a bit cloudy and the rain does not fall in the SMN report.

For Monday and Tuesday the weather conditions are similar to those of Sunday, which is cold and cloudy.

Something to note is that, according to the national agency, until August 20, the highlight of the month was that the minimum temperatures were significantly lower than normal in the north and northeast of Argentina.

The reports of sovereign were repeated in provinces such as Santiago del Estero, Chaco and Santa Fe, which was an excellent fact, because contrary to popular belief, it is not unreasonable to freeze to the north, although it is not so common that happens as often as this 2018 was given.

So we started the month of spring with a sharp fall in temperature, with the arrival of a cold front in the southern sector.

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