Announce retention of soy, mining and tourism

Many are the rumors about the economic measures that the government will announce in the coming hours. One is the alleged suspension of the retention of soybeans. With this possibility, the Rural Society left to mark the court and wondered: "it had already been tested on that side and failed."

The president of the Sociedad Rural Argentina (SRA), Daniel Pelegrina, claimed that the entity trusts the words of President Mauricio Macri and believed that "the change of rules would be bad at the moment" for the potential of the field.

"We again see concern about the escalation, but we trust what the president has in mind and he has surrendered us, he has proven himself on the side of withholding and he failed."

Pelegrina also stressed that "the field is already contributing $ 12,000 million" because it "has planted an extraordinary surface of wheat that will provide us with a record campaign by the end of the year, and that will be the economies of the inside."

"The field already contributes, and by raising the price, we pay more taxes to the merits and that is where the federal contribution comes from, which spreads all over the interior of Argentina. "

Similarly, he claimed that "the president has a very clear opinion on deductions" so that "they do not stumble across the same stone" and felt that "the contribution must be sought for growth".

What is coming

The package of measures that would be announced tomorrow for the trip from Dujovne United States includes: ask the International Monetary Fund to pay the total contribution of $ 50,000 million: $ 21,000 million to close the current year ($ 15,000 million has already been canceled) and the remaining $ 29,000 for the year 2019.

The suspension of withdrawal of deductions is another important point that must be applied. Today they are 25.5%. The new economic context and the rise of dollar they impose the new criterion, despite the expected rejection by first-class agricultural exporters, such as Gustavo Grobocopatel, who yesterday defended the current investments in the Argentinian countryside and gave an expectation: "That the president the promised word of touch the suspension of the deductions not on. & # 39;

Export, mining and travel

Restoring the import duties of wheat and maize abroad that left Macri in the first hours of his mandate without effect, back in December 2015, is another step in the disposal plan.

There is also talk of applying deductions on mining activities and those doing tourism outside the country, as this last activity covers a significant part of the US currency.

The decline in government spending again emerged as the workhorse of Macri's management.

Nielsen doubts

Economists doubted compliance with the new conditions imposed by the Monetary Fund in negotiations with the government and warned of the impact that the devaluation of the peso will have on the economy.

Former Minister of Finance Guillermo Nielsen wondered: "If they come to an agreement with the Fund and are unable to give the first assessment, why would they be able to do something more difficult?"

According to its consideration, the IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, said that the country would go to "a new agreement heavier in monetary and fiscal policy".

Source: Diario UNO de Mendoza

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