Another member of "los cara de nene", the band that deceived pensioners, fell

One of the accused of integrating the band "los cara de nene", who deceived pensioners with phone calls of the "Story of the Uncle", was arrested Saturday in a local clothing store near Caballito when he bought towels.

One is Emmanuel Coria, 30 years old, one of the fugitives of the band disbanded by the Buenos Aires police, who is still looking for a syndicated delinquent like the leader of that criminal organization that operated in the north of the conurbano , identified as Gustavo "Pichón" "Matthew.

Coria was arrested Saturday afternoon by the police together with his partner, known as "La gitana", who is connected to the case of the "Gipsy kings", another band that committed the same kind of scams and was thwarted in the City of Junín.

The cause of "the baby's face" now has five prisoners, after last Wednesday Federico Ferriol was arrested in Puerto Madero, where he hired a department for $ 2000 per month and in whose power they confiscated a Land Rover truck.

The Buenos Aires police arrested three criminals in early August who were accused of being part of "los cara de nene", a gang that dealt with virtual kidnappings and telephone swindles with older victims.

The "face of the baby" accused of about 20 cases. They deceive the elderly, who were told that they were friends with their grandchildren and that they had to change their money in the banks for reasons of circulation, so they could earn millions of pesos.

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