Another woman died after undergoing a clandestine abortion

An attempt has been made to delete from the concept the article that establishes sanctions for women who have interrupted a pregnancy


Mauricio Macri
has today decided for the second time the presentation of the bill of

reform of the penal code
that would be done next Tuesday and for now no new date was reported. The reason was a discrepancy with an article about the decriminalization of

. The legalization of abortion was
disapproved by the senate just a week ago

Official sources noted that the government decided not to continue with the pro now not to raise the problem of abortion so quickly after the legislator was rejected, when it was a very socially and politically divided subject. They then said that it would be presented before the end of the year, but without giving details.

As LA NACION was able to know, in the discussion he cut the position of a sector of the government that had directly proposed to delete Article 88 of the Code. This led to a dispute with the drafting of the Penal Code, chaired by Judge Mariano Borinsky at the Ministry of Justice.

According to some interpretations, the abolition of that article would imply that abortion is legalized. This is because there are penalties of one to four years in prison for the woman who incurs that practice.

the new version, the commission reduced the fine from one to three years and left the judge with a series of privileges to stop the punishment and not to imprison the women. He maintained the sanction, however, so that the legal structure of the crime of abortion would not fall and still be punished for clandestine doctors or clinics.

"The Congress debated it for six months and the editorial committee worked for a year so that Article 88 was eliminated in one day and the president promised to respect Parliament's decision," said a pro-government representative.

On the morning of today, Macri decided to postpone the presentation to be made at the Cultural Center next Tuesday. Kirchner and was not notified when the project was sent with hundreds of articles on criminal cases.

Macri himself and the chief of staff, Marcos Peña, had announced that the Criminal Code would be dealt with on the 21st, once the Senate legalized abortion last Thursday at dawn.

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