ARA San Juan: per court order the prefecture examines a signal in the Argentine sea

The submarine has disappeared on November 15, 2017

A ship of the Navy Prefecture of Argentina goes to a specific part of the Argentine sea to see if a punctual contact can be related to the ARA San Juan, missing with 44 crew members on board last November.

The SB-15 tango vessel will carry out the search after the request of federal judge Marta Yáñez, who is responsible for investigating what happened to the submarine, which responded to the claim of one of the family groups of the vanished army.

However, the Marine at the time recalled that this contact was investigated and identified as a "rocky bottom" by the submarine vehicle (ROV) of the Russian ship Panther, which conducted research months earlier.

The news caused discontent among another sector of the family, such as Luis Tagliapietra, lawyer of some of them and father of Lieutenant Lieutenant Alejandro Tagliapietra, who disappeared aboard the ARA San Juan, told Efe.

"This measure shows different things and no good, the request was made from the ignorance of the cause and the language of the sea, it is a mediation act, the judge gives more to take care of the media," he said.

Meanwhile, Efe would know, the "Seabed Constructor", a ship from Ocean Infinity, the American company chosen by the state in August to continue the search, is already on its way to the city of Comodoro Rivadavia after sailing from South Africa.

On 15 November 2017, Ara San Juan, who was incorporated into the Argentina Navy in 1985 by the Argentine Navy, reported his position for the last time when he returned from the southern port of Ushuaia to its base in Mar del Plata, and since then nothing more of the ship heard.


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