ARA San Juan: the hiring of a company is signed and the search starts in less than 30 days

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"I cry with emotion". With those five words, Andrea Merelles, wife of one of the crew members of the

ARA San Juan
he described his feelings when he heard that the contract had been signed for an American company to search for the submarine that had disappeared nine months ago and one day. The operation starts within the next 30 days, as indicated by the

Ministry of Defense

After three o'clock in the afternoon, the long-awaited news became known. The Chief of Staff,

Marcos Peña
had put his signature, which was the last thing left to leave the contract
Ocean Infinity who was chosen to carry out the operation that lasts for a minimum of 50 days and a maximum of 4 months and that is not charged unless he finds the submarine with 44 crew members on board.

The signature that the The beginning of the search brought another good news: the end of the camp on the Plaza de Mayo for the Casa Rosada of a group of family members who had started 52 days ago.

"Under what was promised today, the campsite of the Plaza de Mayo," said Luis Tagliapietra, lawyer and father of one of the disappeared, LA NACION. The other good news that the family members have received is that of them four
they can participate in the search as veedores

  The contract with the approval of Aguad and Marcos Peña
The order with the approval of Aguad and Marcos Peña

A long way

On Friday of last week, the Ocean Infinity elections were completed after no objections were filed. In these six days the "legal advice" was signed and then the title of the administrative decision by the Minister of Defense,

Oscar Aguad
and the Peña.

The Ocean Infinity offer includes a $ 7.5 million budget that the company would only charge in case of finding the submarine. "They do not get a currency in advance, they will only succeed, it's zero peso & # 39; s until they say & # 39; here it is & # 39;", he was pushed to LA NACION, a high government source who did everything with the search for the submarine is closely followed.

The search for "for success" is not the only change with regard to the first bidding process, which lasted more than two months and remained unfinished after the objections against the Spanish company Igeotest. "The other is that they did not get a defined search area, this was a request from the family members to enable them to expand the area or to look elsewhere", according to the spokespersons.

  The list of family members who will participate as livestock of the search
The payroll of the family members who will participate as livingsores of the search

In an interview three weeks ago in the news therapy,

LN +
Defense Minister Oscar Aguad said: "I am convinced that they will find it because they run the risk of doing something that costs a lot of money". The minister also noted that all companies said that, if they were granted, they could not begin searching until the end of August.

The truth is that the company now has until 15 September to start the operation. Only that day it will be 10 months without knowing anything about the Argentinian submarine.

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