Argentina: Child tried to play with his dog, but he attacked him and killed him world

Pet caused his death. A boy of 1 year and 4 months died after being attacked by his dog rottweiler. The unfortunate incident took place in the afternoon at the victim's home, located in the city of Cordovan in Rio de Segundo, Argentina.

According to witnesses, the child went to the backyard of his house to find his pet and play with her. Once for the dog he approached to caress him, but it only attacked the generation of heavy wounds.

Before his screams, the parents of the child went to the patio and found the heartbreaking scene, the child was badly injured. Quickly they took him in his arms and brought him to the town hall of Virgen de Lourdes, where the specialists healed his wounds and tried to save him without success.

A spokesperson for the Argentine medical center confirmed the death of the child. Until the closing of the note is not known what the future of the tin will be.

It is not the first case

This year, in May, a similar case was registered in Ecuador, in which a 7-year-old boy was killed after being attacked by two pit bull dogs. The boy was reported missing by his family and 6 hours later he was found dead on the terrace of the dog owner.

The case shocked the country and the authorities asked to be more cautious with the minors and to keep well-guarded dogs that could be dangerous to the environment.

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