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"Seabed Constructor": the most advanced ship in the world arrives to find the ARA San Juan.

According to the newspaper Horn, is on the way from South Africa. The immediate family members of the crew control the search.

As confirmed by the government, the American company Ocean Infinity will continue in mid-September with the search for the submarine ARA San Juan, which has disappeared on the 15th of November in the area of ​​the Gulf of San Jorge with 44 crew members. board.

The American company won the bid for another company in the same country after a budget of 7.5 million dollars, which would only be charged if it complied with the mission. "For the good of all who are involved in this tragedy, we hope to help locate the submarine," said the Englishman Oliver Plunkett, CEO of the company, lawyer and head of the company that begins the underwater voyage in the depths of the Argentine Sea .

The seabed constructor, who will have the challenge to locate the submarine with the 44 heroes, is considered the most advanced civilian ship in the world and has its predecessor, the Fugro Equator, look like a toy for children. Is that it has ultra advanced technology, which will allow an exhaustive search for the missing submarine.

This supership, which is equipped with eight underwater drones, which can work up to 6,000 meters deep, will resume the search. Of Norwegian origin, with an age of four years, it has eight unmanned submarines and an exploration speed of 1,200 km per day. In addition, it has a length of 115 meters, 22 of beam and can carry up to 102 people.

Ocean Infinity tells the story of taking part in the raking to find the missing aircraft of Malaysia Airlines, which has disappeared somewhere in the Indian Ocean since 2014. The company, based in Texas, seems to be willing to search for any search at sea across the planet, with the economic risk that that means, because the motto is "do not charge if the target is not found".

Source: Clarín, Buenos Aires.

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