At least 20 arrested for new attacks on supermarkets in Mendoza

Two supermarkets had serious problems during the afternoon of this Saturday in Mendoza. The first was Carrefour de Tupungato, located on Calle Belgrano, opposite the roundabout of the clock. The second was the Atom branch of the San Martin district, where infantry personnel had to organize the entrance to the site and act in the neighborhood. A score of detainees and four policemen were injured.

The facts contribute to the attacks that took place during the day of Friday in other supermarkets in the province. Especially the Guaymallén and Luján de Atom establishments and a Chinese supermarket Godoy Cruz.

In Tupungato, a group of people, apparently called by WhatsApp, found themselves on the sidewalk of the Carrefour branch with the intention of violently entering and stealing what they could.

At one point, and despite the fact that there was a police cell phone in the neighborhood, about 15 people walked into the building, so the uniformed personnel immediately acted in a frightening way, for which they had to call reinforcements.

Neighbors of Tupungato have recorded several episodes of the attack on the video trade. They even registered their complaints about the situation and insults with those who entered the building by force.

As a balance of these actions from the Ministry of Security reported that there were 4 police officers with minor injuries and also were detained, but did not specify the amount. It turned out that 16 people were arrested.

Near San Martín del Atom there were attempts to enter with the intention of producing excesses and eruptions. That is why the infantry personnel ordered the access of the clients one by one.

There were skirmishes in the vicinity of the building, so the police personnel had to act and arrest four people. This caused some neighbors to attack the piedrazos police station to demand liberation and multiply police action.

Neighbors of this neighborhood also filmed the episode.

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