At least 50 arrested after new massive thefts to super in different areas of Mendoza

At least50 people were arrested in the last hours after committing new and massive thefts organized to supermarkets from different points of the province. Attacks in Ciudad, Las Heras and Tupungato even caused police officers to be wounded.

Police sources specified The Andes Yesterday, several people entered a supermarket in the San Martín district in Ciudad and the branch of the Atomo chain at the Regalado Olguín roundabout in Las Heras. "They have not stolen food, they have taken home appliances," said a source linked to the investigation.

"They have been robbed in a band", noted the source consulted. Most robberies were committed by young people aged between 20 and 30 years.
A branch of the Carrefour chain was attacked by a group of thieves in Tupungato. Three policemen who came to the site were injured in the event of an outbreak of incidents. In a video distributed by WhatsApp, a large group could see the building coming in while the police tried to prevent it. Then there were cumshots.

In an audio from WhatsApp that had been attributed to him, the mayor of Tupungato, Gustavo Soto, asked "to calm everyone down".

than He noted that "they are not Tupungato people" who committed the robberies in the Carrefour branch. "This is completely armed, so it will happen to all the communities that govern Cambiemos," Soto said in the audio that supposedly would have been recorded.

In Palmyra, San Martin, the uniformed people managed to prevent another group from violently trading.

Analyze video & # 39; s

After the massive thefts, Justice and the Ministry of Security analyze the images of videos made by witnesses to identify and understand the authors.

The analysis of the images has already made it possible to identify a number of people who broke into a branch of Atom or Guaymallen on Friday and a Chinese trade in Godoy Cruz. YOU

One of the recordings that went viral showed a group in complete raid at the Atom on Calle Cervantes at 1700 Guaymallén. The images are made by a man with his mobile phone.

At the end of the series, the author of the video is filmed as he walks through the corridors of the building. Researchers can determine that he is a teacher from a school in Luján with a strong trade union activity.

Minister of Security, Gianni Venier, indicated that the presence of the police in some stores has been strengthened. "We will arrest and impose on those who come to break public rest and apply what is strange," he warned on his Twitter account.

A hectic Friday

Two robberies in ties to supermarkets of Guaymallén and Godoy Cruz caused tension during the afternoon of last Friday.

About 30 people arrived at an Atom location on Calle Cervantes at 1700 Guaymallén. They soon started taking alcoholic drinks and perfumes, which they put in bags.

In addition, there was another fact in which the thieves acted in the same way. The new target was a Chinese trade in the South Park district.

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