At the farewell of For the world Marley and Mirko visited Mauricio Macri at Casa Rosada

Lizy Tagliani and Marley in the Olympic village

All over the world Last Sunday he said goodbye with a special program in which


Lizy Tagliani
She toured the most emblematic places of Buenos Aires. The end of this season of the classic travel program is produced so that your driver can face the driving of a new version
The voice.

Tagliani this year accompanied him to Marley in a large part of the season that took place in Russia during the World Cup and in the last places visited by Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires which are tourist attractions of the first line, such as the Teatro Colón, the Olympic Village of Villa Soldati, a typical pizzeria on Corrientes Street, Puerto Madero, the Japanese garden, the National Congress, among others.

But the strong point of the program was undoubtedly in the segment in which the
visit that Marley made with his son Mirko to the Casa Rosada, weeks ago, where they met President Mauricio Macri. This is the second president of a country that Mirko personally met with, who was previously with Barack Obama when his father interviewed him.

One of Marley's questions to Macri was whether he enjoyed having so much power. "A lot of responsibility, for me it's a big responsibility, the days you're connected to are very rewarding because you know that you can change the lives of many people, but the days that you are connected to the conflict are difficult," he replied. first president. Later the driver asked him a question about the personal life of Macri and that was it

, the youngest daughter of the president, was aware of the position that her father took. "I try to do this as normal as possible, I try to get the policy out of my house when I come home, I return around 7 o'clock and then I go into her world", she replied. Then they put Mirko in the chair that the president used on his desk. The little one did not like it and immediately began to cry. "He does not want to know anything with such a responsibility!", Said the father, with the humor that characterizes him.

After this fragment, the tour of Marley and Tagliani continued through the attractions in Buenos Aires and had a high moment in the visit to
Lord tangowhere they found

Humberto Tortonese

Elizabeth Vernaci
who accompanied them to enjoy the tango show offered there. During the tour there was a walk through the mouth and even encouraged to climb to the top of the Obelisk to see the city from above. They were also in a typical grill in Buenos Aires and during the tour they made in a tourist bus in the city, they were encouraged to imitate Sergio Lapegüe in the
Switch on and off when they insisted that the people who watched them live and turned off their lights, making it happen in different departments. Finally the farewell of the planetarium, where a large group of fans of the program had gathered.

Rating. As far as the appreciation that this farewell was concerned, the average was 12.7 points which put him in first place of the most watched programs of the day, escorted by the cycle of

Jorge Lanata

Journalism for everyone
, who scored 10.8 points and finished second.

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