Avelluto compared Nestor with Galtieri and exploited the networks

The Minister of Culture, Pablo Avelluto, was in favor of turning the name of the Kirchner Cultural Center into statements for the newspaper La Capital.

"I'm going to change that name, there's got to be a new law, we have to put an end to the cult of personality," Avelluto remarked, then slipped away.

"Imagine that Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri had put him in a square or a cultural center in 1982. Or that José López Rega had put him in a street in 1975. In any case, we must allow ten years to pass, which is very wise" , he said.

But as if it had not reached him, Avelluto returned to express a controversy, this time paraphrasing it & # 39; Never Again & # 39 ;: "Today we live a kind of Nevermore corruption".

"If we have all heard after the return of democracy that state crimes are more serious than those of armed organizations, corruption in the hands of the state should lead us today to a comparable port," he said.

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