between acquittal and 20 years in prison

The criminal judge of San Rafael will dictate Monday against Julieta Silva, accused of persuading and murdering who was her friend, Genaro Fortunato, behind a bowling lane in the province of Mendoza, on 9 September last year.

Silva arrived at the oral procedure for house arrest and is accused of the crimes of & aggravated manslaughter & # 39; and – simple murder with possible malice.

During the trial, Public Prosecutor Fernando Guzzo requested the punishment of 14 years of imprisonment for the accused, while the indictment demanded a sentence of 20 years in prison.

Guzzo regarded the mitigating state as a violent emotion and asked the court that the suspect "at the moment of pronouncing the sentence" immediately leaves the scope of preventive detention in domestic mode and orders internment in a prison establishment ".

Meanwhile, the lawyer of the prosecutor, Tíndaro Fernández, representative of the victim's family, asked the court to have Silva convicted of the crime of "simple murder with fraud".

As an alternative, and according to what happened, Fernandez asked the court to sentence the suspect to 20 years in prison and, in the same sentence as the public prosecutor, to have the house arrest revoked.

In the meantime, Silva's lawyer, Alejandro Cazabán, asked for acquittal, and considered before the Court "a lack of respect" that the Prosecutor asked for the aggravating link to be added when all witnesses had already declared and believed that The whole process must be repeated.

"Silva has received a lot of criticism as a director and as a woman, in her personal life, the fraud must be proved with absolute certainty, the only thing that I have heard are opinions, witnesses and accusations," said the lawyer.

Silva, who owns a clothing store and has two underage sons, could, at the request of the public prosecutor, receive a 14-year sentence from the Tribunal consisting of the judges Rodolfo Luque, Julio Bittar and Judge María Eugenia Laigle. or 20, as requested by the complaint.

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