Between fighting and shouting, the police Facundo Jones Huala moved to prison again

Facundo Jones Huala he struggled with the federal police officers who arrested him in the home of his grandmother Trinidad Huala in Esquel, where the leader of the Mapuche Resistance Ancentral (RAM) was under house arrest. Finally it could be reduced and taken with the money.

Jones Huala resisted his transfer to Unit 14 of Esquel after federal judge Gustavo Villanueva withdrawal the house arrest. The magistrate took this decision to prevent a possible escape from the Mapuche leader after the Supreme Court upheld Villanueva's decision approving Chile's request to deliver him. The cacique will be tried in that country accused of participating in a fire that took place in Pisu Pisue on 9 January 2013, of illegal possession of home-made weapons and irregular entry into that area.

"Fuck me, freedom for the Mapuche nation!" Shouted Jones Huala as he wrestled with the police, as seen in the video he was broadcasting News from Esquel. The arrest took place outside the home of his grandmother, where he had been under house arrest since mid-July. The policemen succeeded in captivating him and bringing him back to the Esquel prison.

Judges of the Court Ricardo Lorenzetti, Elena Highton de Nolasco and Juan Carlos Maqueda they have fired the defense of the RAM leader in which he opposed extradition, arguing that he violated the norm for indigenous peoples and the "principle of double discrimination".

The magistrates also argued that Jones Huala's lawyers did not sufficiently substantiate to positively consider that "extradition was inadmissible because it was related to a political or related crime."

Lorenzetti, Highton and Maqueda also rejected the position of the defense, which stated that "if the accused is extradited, there is a risk of persecution on the basis of race and nationality or that a cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment would be applied."

The ruling of the Court confirming the extradition of Jones Huala to Chile

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