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Mendoza entrepreneur Enrique Pescarmona was yesterday accused a new employee in the case for the payment of alleged bribes in public procurement during the Kirchner government that began a month ago.

The other novelty of the closing of the week in Comodoro Py was the arrest request of the public prosecutor Carlos Stornelli for the financier Ernesto Clarens, who & # 39; regretful & # 39; wanted to be, but his request was not supported by Judge Claudio Bonadio.

At the same time, the agreement with the businessman of Pescarmona was signed, Francisco Valenti, former vice president at Industrias Metalúrgicas Pescarmona SA (Impsa), was released after he was detained a few days after the opening of the case after he had also joined the long list of " repentant "assumptions.

The news came to light after Judge Bonadio approved Pescarmona's request for a benefit on the same day when he spontaneously appeared before Stornelli yesterday.

The former second of Impsa was held since the beginning of the investigation that Bonadio opened with multiple and simultaneous arrests and raids due to the photocopies of notebooks attributed to rector Oscar Centeno, director for years of Roberto Baratta, second by Julio De Vido, Minister of Planning during the governments of Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández.

In the case where the powerful businessman from Mendoza was accepted as "repentant," the assumed payment of bribes between 2003 and 2015 for more than $ 200 million would have been investigated during Kirchnerian governments. The apparent criminal structure, the heads of which are the two former presidents, in which were joined by executives and executives whose companies were state-owned enterprises.

According to the notebooks, the company Pescarmona made illegal payments through its directors for $ 2.8 million. Valenti would have made eight payments to Baratta in 2008 and four times in 2009; in one of these he would have given the former national official $ 150,000 and "a box of wines that Muñoz takes to Uruguay". Also, according to Stornelli, "in 2009 Baratta will receive 200 thousand dollars". During the reign of Néstor Kirchner Impsa won a tender of 520 million dollars for the production of 10 turbines for the hydroelectric power station of Tocoma in Venezuela.

He also returned to explain the former secretary of public works José López, who repeated what he said days ago as & # 39; repentant & # 39 ;. López is in custody and is in the witness protection program and accused collaborators, as he said he is afraid of reprisals against him or his family.

A week ago, Lopez had declared that he was giving money, allegedly by the bribes, to La Cámpora leader Eduardo "Wado" de Pedro to finance Justicia Legítima, but those accusations were rejected by leaders of those groups.

Cristina, again in Comodoro Py

The former president was called to expand her statement.

Next Monday the former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner reappears, quoted by Bonadio to broaden her indagatory. It will happen after the raids of the three houses of the current senator, in the past few days. The Vido will also have to do it, held without trial in the prison of Marcos Paz.

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