Buenos Aires Design employees cut Libertador avenue through the closure – Télam

Employees of a shopping center Buenos Aires Design are protesting this morning with a partial cut-off of the Avenue of the Liberator, near Pueyrredón, against the closure of the decoration complex of the Recoleta district in Buenos Aires, with information from the police.

The cut is made on the Avenue of the Liberator and has no influence on the circulation of the lines of buses that pass through the place, but if delays occur, because in addition to the protesters there are furniture of the buildings that close their doors for future Sunday.

The complex will close its doors on Sunday, after 25 years, due to the expiration of the concession in the hands of the Irsa company, after which the Buenos Aires government will reclaim its assets to determine the options for the future, while the workers from the trade center They ask for time to leave the site.

As reported by the city government in a statement released yesterday, "the fact that the validity of this concession ends this Sunday was an issue that was already known in advance by all intervening actors."

The text adds that "ownership returns to the hands of the city, which analyzes different options for the future" and states that "an account has been presented that promotes a concession for 20 years, focusing on cultural, gastronomic and cultural development. commercial of the property, and with a new canon updating mechanism ".

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