By decision, the unification of five hospitals in Buenos Aires increases and doctors are alert

A new project from the government of Buenos Aires keeps the medical community of the city informed. By means of a decree they confirmed a plan unite five monovalent hospitals -who have a single specialty- and transform them into the "South Hospitable Complex", which will be built on the land where the Muñiz currently operates. From this initiative, which must be approved by the legislature, a great deal of distrust arose among health professionals: they fear that it will arise in a removal of personnel and benefits.

The government's proposal

Decree 297/18, published on Monday in the Government Gazette, formalized the establishment of the Special Projects Unit (UPE) Complejo Hospitalario Sur, which falls outside the job of Secretary of State for Planning secretary of the Ministry of Health and will have attributions from General Management .

In dialogue with, the portfolio led by Ana María Bou Pérez He argued that this committee will be responsible for evaluating whether the project is viable and, in particular, analysis of the financing of the work. Although it clarifies that this is the only information so far that they can provide on the subject.

In the official letter, the Ministry explained that this complex is the Francisco Muñiz Infectious Hospital; Gastroenterology Carlos B. Udaondo, the respiratory rehabilitation María Ferrer; the Oncology Marie Curie; and the Institute for psychophysical rehabilitation.

Because this could confirm this, in May of this year the government met the referees of each hospital to present a PowerPoint with the general guidelines of the initiative. The document, of 62 pages, states that 50,000 m2 will be built and 10,000 m2 will be renovated. In total, they calculate that the costs of the work and the new equipment will reach the sum of the 160 million dollars.

What is the financing plan? City officials declared that they will pay, a part, with the sale of the buildings from Udaondo, Curie, Ferrer and IREP. Awarded at the prices of these properties, which were valued by LJ Ramos Real Estate Brokers in December 2017, and indicate a value of 123 million dollars. It is not yet clear how they will make up the difference, about $ 37 million.

Official calculations also indicated that this complex allows it save about $ 207,704,160 in four years, in maintenance and cleaning costs.

As regards the deadlines, the government said that they expect to be able to implement the tender in the first six months of next year and start construction in July 2019 in order to complete it by 2021.

Distrust of the medical community and the opposition

Since the news circulated in the corridors of these five hospitals, there was a strong rejection among public employees distrust the motivations from the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires.

Jorge Gilardi, president of the Association of Municipal Physicians of the city of Buenos Aires, explained to this site that the project of the government could be a good thing if the goal is to make the work more efficient. "But it would be a danger instead of developing every specialty, it becomes a hospital merger. You have to evaluate where this all goes, "he emphasized against this medium.

In the same sentence, Gilardi emphasized the importance of the unions' participation in the UPE. "We are not witnesses, we are protagonists of the changes. This is not an excel, it is public health"he added.

Bruno Di Giovanni, Muñiz employee, described that after knowing more details about the project, "a large proportion of the employees have been mobilized, with the support of the medical staff as well as the rest".

The malaise was also contagious in the Psychophysical Rehabilitation Institute. Karina Cuoto, administrative of the center's laboratory, said that this initiative damages employees. Especially people with more seniority where a mandatory transfer would be a big problem. "The information we have is small, we have no details, we think we do not think about patients, who They are very sad and worried"he added.

But the medical community was not the only one who rejected this proposal. The opposition to change in the city also warned that the project hides two targets. "First, if you have five hospitals and you have one, you will definitely have a reduction in staff because some tasks overlap, "argued Gabriel Solano, deputy of Buenos Aires for the left front,

The legislator also raised the behind the scenes of the financing. "It seems that the buildings will be sold, the BELIE is most valuable because it occupies more than one block in Nuñez. There is interest from the real estate groups to stay with these countries to build towers, "he emphasized.

Another criticism was the implementation of a "decretazo" and the maneuver to avoid the legislature. "If the project's argument is a health issue, it is very weak and it is not clear, it seems more of an idea of ​​the economic side, because they will ultimately reduce staff and benefits," he concluded.

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