Cambiemos promotes a project to freeze the salaries of the deputies

within Let's change a new initiative is being analyzed in Chamber of Deputies because of the economic crisis in the country. It is a freeze of salaries to lawmakers, "until further notice" and is managed by the chairman of the bank, Nicols Massot.

"Different proposals within the block are analyzed, when we take the organic decision, we will communicate it", delcar Infobae a source close to MPs. Now it remains to discuss the initiative with the opposition.

The first to show a gesture of goodwill in this respect was Neuquén's deputy Leandro Lpezwho sent a letter to the owner of the lower house, Emilio Monz, in which he renounced future salary increases and the possibility to ask for funds for travel or viticulture abroad until the end of his mandate in December 2019.

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