Carrió warns Angelici after having attacked: to cover me you do not count on me

The leader of the Civic Coalition, Elisa Carrió said that "cover" does not count on her and pointed against the president of Boca Juniors, Daniel Angelici.

"I want to express my concern about the dismissal of the investigation into the presumed enrichment of the judge Ariel Lijo today under the influence and protection of the game entrepreneur and sports director Daniel Angelici, who must strive to to lead a club of football and not to protect or veto judges in Argentina, "Carrio said.

The deputy expressed himself in this way in a letter addressed to the president of the Council of Magistrates, Miguel Piedecasas.

Then, in a social network, said: "From the beginning it was clear to everyone in Cambiemos that I would not cover it up, so do not count on me, a disgrace." He maintained: "The questioned opinion was remarkably approved in a hasty manner as a result of a superficial treatment that lacked basic elements of evidence, such as the testimony of Carla Lago, ex-wife of Alfredo Lijo."

Carrió said that during the investigation of the complaint, which examined the patrimony declared by the magistrate, no decision has been made to "investigate the hidden patrimony of the judge".

"In my opinion, the evidence produced was inadequate and inefficient for the judge's investigation," Carrió said. In addition, the deputy accused the ruling party of having two varas at the time of investigating judges.

Carrió said that the investigation against Lijo "showed a very different treatment with regard to the test measures of the deposition against the ex-judge Freiler", who also instructed the officialism.

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