Commissar & # 39; s band: former judge Melazo and former Pincha bar arrested during raid

The former magistrate of guarantees was surprised this morning by the federal police in his country house in Gorina. The troops also invaded the houses of the plaintiff judge of the Platesse Martín Ordoqui, now accused, the former public prosecutor Tomás Morán, and Rubén Herrera, former leader of the barrabrava de Estudiantes, who had been arrested. They are being investigated for possible participation in a broad criminal network

Fascinated, but covered with his hands, former judge César Melazo was transferred this afternoon to a federal police department after being arrested on the orders of the judge, who also invaded the home of the former Tomás Morán public prosecutor after he was named . by several witnesses of the case investigating the famous "commissary's band", which was disrupted and which also resulted in the arrest of higher police and civil leaders who have a common denominator: many criminal records and the advantage of early departure or house arrest. They were also attributed to the judge of cassation Manuel Martín Ordoqui in the same case.

During a series of raids that took place this morning in La Plata, besides Melazo, the former barrabrava of students Rubén Herrera and Enrique Petrullo was arrested, accused of being a judicial officer and apparently linked to Marcelo Balcedo, currently a prisoner in Uruguay. At the same time it is reported that they are still operating within the framework of the case.

Melazo was arrested and accused of conspiracy and aggravated coercion, in addition to other crimes suspected of having ties with police officers in armed and unarmed cases in exchange for money, the informants emphasized.

The operation in the important house of Gorina, which even has an artificial lake, was extended for more than six hours and two dogs even participated in the search. The troops arrived at the mansion at 145 and 480 at 4 o'clock. and the former magistrate was taken out of handcuffs after 2:00 PM.

"I'm going to speak to the public prosecutor and the judge," were the first statements he made when he left the house, escorted by the uniforms of the Federal Crimes department of the federal police. When asked if he had integrated an illicit association, his answer was "absolutely, never, impossible" and he assured that "I had never been prosecuted or had a criminal case," while I said that the weapons that were confiscated "all are mine ".

Similarly, the arrest of Herrera, former head of the barrabrava of the students, took place in the Grand Bell, while Petrullo, to whom he was informed via a network of connections with the judiciary, was also arrested in City Bell.

While the other outgoing data are the allocation of Ordoqui, President of Chamber V of the Chamber of Cassation of the Criminal Courts of Buenos Aires, the crimes of unauthorized association and possible fraud, among other figures.

According to judicial sources, the former judge is with several witnesses who take part in meetings with some of the now detained and former members of the brave gymnastics and student bars. In the listening conferences discussed in the case, the accused spoke of the actions of the criminal organization now under investigation, with the alleged complicity of Melazo and presumably former prosecutor Morán, who investigated the case that exposed this dark network criminal: the murder on Juan Roberto Farías, December 1, 2010, detailed. Also called lawyers and officials of Cassation, with supposed arrangements to obtain liberties or house arrests of the members of the band.

It is noteworthy that Adrián Oscar "El Quechua" Manes was allowed to house the crime of Farías in his house of 6 between 72 and 73 until October 2017. The advantage was withdrawn when he was involved in a case for alleged sale of drugs. Moreover, "El Quechua" was a director of a high municipal official in recent years. Manes is one of the prisoners together with the chief officer Gustavo Andrés Gregorio Mena, who was available since December 30, 2015, but before he fell into disgrace, he was a senior chief of the Narcocriminality Division of La Plata.

In the case brought by Public Prosecutor Betina Lacki, who took control of Public Prosecutor's Office 2, after the retirement of Morán, recently a raid was made, dialogues appear between Mena and Manes, which would be revealing about the presumed "modus operandi" of the band. investigated: the police chiefs reportedly have liberated territories and the other members have committed the attacks, in shops, factories and private houses, said the spokespersons consulted.

As is known, Mena was the police officer who clarified the attack on the Human Rights Secretariat of Buenos Aires, located at 8 and 53.

In the case, through witnessing and tapping, it would have been established that Mena, Melazo and at that time was the head of the DDI, Juan Ibarra, in 44 between 26 and 27 (the same address of the building where Farías was killed) with other people, including a man who confessed that he had entered the secretariat to steal. Then the notebook, a camera and a video camera had been stolen.

The video shows the moment when the police arrive at the Grand Bell house, where Rubén Herrera was arrested and the moment when former judge César Melazo read the assignment and his arrest.

The case, which covers a plot that reaches the justice, police and thieves and that was shot, as was said, after the murder of Juan Roberto Farias in 2010 in his department of La Loma, apparently for the settlement of bills, a dozen prisoners .

According to the investigation, the reason for the crime would have been that Farias had stolen the money on July 18 of that year to the football player Roberto Zapata. Because of this fact, Adrián Oscar Manes, better known as "El Quechua", was held until October 2017.

Among the detainees are the insurance producer Carlos Bertoni, brother of the twins of Daniel Bertoni, the former footballer of the Argentine national team, and three officers of the police of Buenos Aires, two of whom would be the leaders of the band, according to the investigation The public prosecutor Betina Lacki is in charge. This is the inspector Gustavo Bursztyn, until recently member of the Patrol Command La Plata, and the aforementioned Lieutenant Gustavo Mena, who served as a street overseer of the 2nd district.

In the context of the investigation, Melaco was summoned by Lacki to reveal the bandwidth they attributed to the judge with policeman Bursztyn. According to the wife of Farias, Nadia Mariscal, they had a friendly relationship.

Mariscal even claimed that "Bursztyn was a friend of Melazo, Juan (Farias) told me that many robberies had been committed when that court was at work, in case something went wrong."

At that time, Melazo told the press that "this policeman, like others, knew them because of their work." All these accusations are underpinned by political power, they armed me for a reason and they took me out of justice, and now they try me too involve in this case. & # 39;

Today, when Melazo was arrested, Mayor Julio Garro said via Twitter that "our home has been ruled by criminals dressed as judges, politicians, trade unionists and police officers for more than a decade, and in less than three years we were able to free ourselves from mafia handled hand in hand ".

"Often we forget the starting point, how difficult it was and how it remains to get rid of all these loads, and today we are breathing a little cleaner air in La Plata," he added.

Who also celebrated the results of the operations mentioned in La Plata was Minister Patricia Bullrich, who assured that "a very big step was taken in the dismantling of this whole Mafia, of the root".

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