Concussion in La Plata for the brutal murder of a hammer

The alleged killer was arrested at a few blocks from the crime scene

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LA PLATA.- Sabrina Antonioli Ango was planning to travel to the United States today. It was a vacation that she had planned together with her husband and was full of anticipation. But everything was ready yesterday afternoon: a bricklayer, who had done several jobs for the couple, entered the house and killed her with blows. It was an extremely violent attack. The victim, a young hammerhead of 33 years, was found in the bathroom in a pool of dried blood. He was wearing striped pajama pants and a black T-shirt. The judicial investigators think that the crime took place in the living room, where they found other puddles of blood and at least three teeth. They also found the mace there that was used to complete the woman.

Shortly before he left the crime scene, the bricklayer surprised the victim's husband when he arrived at his house. The man, a 33-year-old accountant identified as Juan Ignacio Plotycia, had little time to respond: he was also attacked with the club and received several blows to the head; the researchers believe he is stabbed too.

The bricklayer fled, making Plotycia badly wounded in the house. He took the two mobile phones from the pair and the Ford car key parked in front of the house, on 116 Street between 32 and 33, near the Hippodrome in La Plata. El Loco de la Maza, as he got the nickname of the police, walked a few blocks. He had the blood-stained T-shirt and one yellow kitchen latex glove he threw on the street. Part of the escape scene was taken up by a security camera from a car office on 32 and 116.

The prosecutor in charge of the case, Marcelo Martini, has several hypotheses, but the motive of the femicide is still unclear. "It was cruel what the bricklayer did: she was a very young woman: the whole place was full of blood, both her and her husband, who brutally attacked them." The victim's mother said she was the only child and the news was very bad, "said a source with access to the LA NACION file.

Police sources trusted this newspaper that the head of the Motorized La Patrulla could stop the bricklayer in the neighborhood of the 32nd street between 7 and 8 when he walked quietly. El Loco de la Maza "was identified as Oscar Marcelo Dobal, 24 years old".

According to police sources, the mason, at the time of transfer, pushed the dungeon of the police station 2, a policeman, and then kicked him to a Fox car that had been kidnapped there, injuring the scalp. The researchers think that this battle may have been done to hide other injuries caused by the battle with the victims. And it is that at the time of the medical examination, "the professionals found that it showed linear excoriations in different parts of the body, presumably caused by the victim".

The husband of the deadly victim is admitted to the hospital of San Roque de Gonnet. "Public prosecutor Martini could not let him in. The young accountant could only say that he was being attacked by his wife's murderer, with whom he was struggling and who was beating several blows," the police said. The public prosecutor Martini started last night to gather a number of testimonies from the neighbors, who would see Dobal leave and at least twice that day enter Antonioli Ango's house.

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