Córdoba: the police defeated students who tried to defend teachers

Cash from Police of Córdoba they violated the autonomy of the university when they tried to prevent a student meeting from setting up actions to meet the salary request of the university. teachersand in defense of the public and the free university. A video also shows how the police attack a student who was outside the university.

Through social networks, students denounced the violation of university autarky and accused the dean of it Buteler Barrier of the instigator of the measure, as well as the Rector of the UNC, Hugo Juri.

In the video you can see how a policeman attacks a student who was outside the institution and I wanted to try to enter the university to participate in the student meeting to support teachers.

The attack of the security forces is a violation of the Law No. 24.521 of higher education in chapter II this determines the scope and guarantees of the constitutional provision, and punctually in articles 30 and 31 with regard to the intervention and entry of the public power.

"The public authorities can not enter the national university institutions if there is no previous and well-founded written order from a competent court or an express request from the legally constituted university authority", argues Article 31.

Despite the intimidation at the university, students could enter the campus to hold the meeting that provided support for the teachers.

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