Cornina in the Senate, says Cristina Kirchner now that she has "no problem" to get their houses robbed – 08/21/2018

The ex-president Cristina Kirchner sent a letter to the Senate Blocks in which she assures her that she has no problems because the body authorizes the raids on her property, as requested by Judge Claudio Bonadio. "At this point in the circumstances, I have no problem that the authority gives the permission requested by Bonadio", wrote the former president.

Cristina's letter was known after it was distributed in the Senate – contrary to what happened last week – there was already an agreement between the ruling party and the opposition to allow the violation of three properties of the former president of the nation making, according to what is being investigated in the jurisprudence, brought hundreds of bags full of dollars of bribes paid by entrepreneurs with contracts with the state.

In her text, the former president thanked the senators of federal Peronism and other opposition groups who deducted the quorum to avoid the robberies last week. There he also asked the Senate to guarantee that "the measures that are being implemented its only caution test related to the object of this research and not to obtain images or filming about the interior of my house ".

In her circumstances Cristina also asks that during the robbery, in addition to her lawyers, "a senator or senator, appointed by me, is present to guarantee what is available and to order this body", a practice that has no known background so far.

It also requires that in the raid "objects for personal use and those that are part of the expansion of the houses are protected". Irony is permitted in the same section. "If you find gold bars, millions of dollars, or gems in bags, you can take them; but if they find a ring or a chain, it is clear that they are objects of my personal use"he wrote.

The full text of the letter is as follows:

Buenos Aires, August 21, 2018.

First of all, I would like to address the senators and senators who, from different opposition groups, have taken the lead on the critical moments when the rule of law and the system of democratic representation in Argentina crossed each other and did not lend quorum to grant -literal authorization. unpublished application for multiple searches of my home in this city and El Calafate and my home in the city of Río Gallegos.

I am very clear that this attitude is not due to personal or corporate solidarity, but rather to the strong political decision not to validate the use of the Judiciary. as an instrument of political persecution for opponents and media distractions for the population, because of the serious economic and social situation that our country is going through as a result of the policies of the Mauricio Macri government.

I have, however, called the president of my block at the meeting of parliamentary work for the day of the date to inform the rest of the heads and heads of the block that, at this point of the circumstances, I have no problem that the authority gives the permission requested by Bonadío. It should be clarified that this decision does not imply that the irrationality of the measures adopted by Bonadío in his pursuing crusade against me is validated, but that his main aim is to put an end once and for all to the show around this raids is built without foundations.

And it is in that sense that The Senate of the Nation must ensure that the measures that are implemented are only for preventive tests related to the purpose of this research and not to obtain images or films about the interior of my houses and the objects that are part of it, with a view to their later dissemination of the media with political intention.

That is why I request that in each of the procedures that this authority allows; there are no television cameras or photos, to prevent the further spread of images in official programs with a clear intention to humiliate and intimidate me. I must remind senators and senators that they are for months I was the subject of illegal judicial eavesdropping, then my private conversations that were obtained in this way, announced and distributed in various programs of television and radio, as always officially and with an abundant pattern of the state.

In turn this weekend the film record of a real estate agency that has been evicted on behalf of Bonadío has been distributed and that was more than 3 years ago robbery, also on behalf of Bonadío – always Bonadío – in the context of the "Hotesur" case. As if all of this was not enough, a few days ago we sued and accompanied videos that provide an explanation of the vigilance that, on my person in the Patria Institute, permanently makes state intelligence staff on orders from this government. All this situation of political persecution, unprecedented since the arrival of democracy in 1983, seems to be ignored by some members of this body.

My attorneys are present to guarantee my defense and control over their legality.

Be present as senator or senator, appointed by me to take care of what is available and to order this body.

The objects for personal use and for the removal of the houses are protected. For the sake of clarity Senators Senators and Senate Ladies: if they find gold bars, millions of dollars, or gems in bags, they can take them; but if they find a ring or a chain, it is clear that they are objects of my personal use.

And finally, Bonadío does not break anything and recommends that the necessary technical tools used by security services and intelligence services be used, to scan durlock walls, partitions and / or ceilings. I must clarify that in my houses this form of construction was used, especially in my house in El Calafate. In this application I am not only mobilized to prevent material damage. It is that, in my house in El Calafate, on October 27, 2010, the most painful moment of my life took place, and that is why preserving it as it is, for me and my family, is very important. This request is also not fickle. On the contrary, it clearly observes the objective facts provoked by Bonadío. No senator or senator can ignore the media spectacular and the breaking of walls ordered by Bonadío in the raids of other departments of the Juncal and Uruguay building, on the 13th of August this year, the day I was called to make an investigation report, to be informed by the acting staff that there were empty walls. Moreover, if all this was not enough, the existence of this kind of walls was confirmed by another owner of that building in a television program of serious prosecutor "anti-K" broadcast last Sunday. In this broadcast the owner, together with a journalist, toured her apartment right above me to tell the audience what the 5th floor would look like, my house. It is that, senators and senators senators, it is like that in Argentina: everything goes so we do not talk and do not show what happens to the economy and daily life of our compatriots.

Without anybody else, I greet all senators and all senate women very attentively.

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