Creepy details of the crime of the hammer Chronicle

The investigation into the crime of Sabrina Antonioli Ango, the 33-year-old hammerhead who was murdered in his house in La Plata.

While researchers are waiting for the results of the autopsy to try and reconstruct what motivated the brutal attack, gruesome details of the case were known.

The crime was Thursday around 14 in the girl's house, located on 116 and 32 streets of the neighborhood Hippodrome. Her husband Juan Ignacio Plotycia he found her lying, unconscious, in the bathroom. When he tried to ask for help, the bricklayer who had made arrangements in the house surprised him and attacked him. The police found teeth in the dining room, which was full of blood stains.

Police presence in the block where the terrible crime took place.

For the researchers, the killer continued to beat him until after death. The researchers were able to verify that the hammer was hit with a hammer of half a kilogram until it was killed. After the man attacked, the mason came out of the house bloody and fled. A neighbor was suspicious when he saw him and called the police, so he was arrested ten blocks away.

The main defendant was identified as Oscar Marcelo Dobal, a 24-year-old man who had already done other jobs in the couple's house. The prosecutor is expected Marcelo Martini I will make a statement in the coming hours. So far, the mobile phone has not been explained.

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