Deadly accident on Route 188: a 15-year-old girl died

A 15-year-old girl was killed and four others were injured in a tragic accident last night on Route 188, in General Alvear.

Preliminary information indicates that the driver of a Volkswagen Amarok truck, a resident of the city of Campana in Buenos Aires, was traveling at high speed and ramming in the back of a Volkswagen Gol, in which an indigenous Alvear family was traveling.

The accident was recorded on Sunday 20 at the height of the city known as La Mora. A witness to the event assured the local media that the truck was traveling "more than 190 km / h" at the time of the collision.

The deadly victim was identified as Fabiola Franco (15) and accompanied the Volkswagen Gol. The rest of the residents of the Gol were transferred to the local hospital, where they were attended by various wounds.

The driver of the vehicle, Virgilio Franco (61), and one of the companions, Wenceslao Franco (60), were diagnosed with polytraumatism and quickly discharged.

While the other two occupants of the Gol suffered more attention to injuries, Feliciana Gamarra suffered a deep cutting wound in the right leg and Hipólito Varela (84) sustained multiple injuries and fractures of the femur of the left leg, both imprisoned during observation.

The driver of the Amarok truck, Edgardo Fernández (49), suffered minor injuries and was arrested after the incident because he was accused of culpable murder and had to explain why he was driving so fast when he reached the back of the target.

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