Delegates: the FpV and the Justicialista block rejected the 600 redundancies in Agroindustry

Deputies who are part of the Judicial block and the Front for victory issued two communiques this Friday to reject it 600 fired made in the Ministry of Agribusiness and they requested the holder of the portfolio Luis María Etchevehere attends the congress to explain.

"The redundancies are not a tool to solve the problems of the country, we completely disagree with this kind of actions of the national government"said the deputies of the court.

At the same time they confirmed that "in the critical context that Argentina is experiencing, it is necessary to preserve the sources of work and to follow the real economy." The discussion should focus on finding alternatives to make progress, with job creation, support for SMEs. and regional economies. "

"From the forum of the court we summoned minister Luis Miguel Etchevehere to attend the next Wednesday at 10 am the Labor Legislation Commission and explain the reasons for this worrying decision", they reported.

"We will analyze each case and we will ask the Minister and his officials to explain the reasons for the budget reduction, and this body plays an important role in the service of primary production by providing technical assistance in different parts of the budget. country ", she added.

Finally, the national representatives expressed their concern because "once again the lack of sensitivity of the government pays the costs of adapting to the weakest sectors".

To that extent they have rejected the FPV-PJ "the insensitive actions of the Mauricio Macri government in the resignation of some 600 workers from Agroindustria de la Nación" at the same time they condemned "the cruel repressive operation of the federal police to discourage guilds and demonstrators" that were mobilized in the day of this Friday for the doors of the portfolio in Paseo Colón in 982.

"The Argentine people are experiencing an economic crisis because of the awful decisions of Cambiemos, characterized by the insensitivity, inequality and incompetence of this government that only has an answer to the adjustment and repression", they indicated.

Moreover, they warned for the "deterioration of the rule of law under the harsh form of oppression and gross persecution for those who think and represent something other than change."

"We continue to insist on the need to stimulate the national economy through popular consumption, it is necessary to build a new path for development between all Argentinians and Argentines including values ​​of equality, innovation, independence," they concluded.

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