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Pedro Dellarossa continues to rule Marcos Juarez until 2022. Last night, and after two weeks of fear of not knowing how much of the severe economic crisis the country is facing and the government of President Mauricio Macri would harm him, the current intendant managed to impose himself with clarity.

The candidate from Cambiemos won with a categorical difference, in line with the previous own polls and very far from the & # 39; technical band & # 39; that governor Juan Schiaretti had said about 15 days ago when he made his only campaign visit.

At the heart of the pampa gringa, Dellarossa harvested 52.4% of the votes against 37.7% of Eduardo Foresi, the candidate who presented the Marcos Juárez Todos Somos alliance (in return for the return of the electoral convergence between the PJ and the Neighborhood Union).

The Kirchner front Marcos Juárez Ciudadana, with Gustavo Tuesta, added 3.1%; while Juan Carlos Petta, of the País party, received 2.7%.

Yesterday, at 7.20 pm, Dellarossa felt like a winner. His cell phone went over and on the other hand, Schiaretti greeted him, acknowledged the defeat of his postulant and invited him this week for the Honeycomb, "to continue working together," said spokesmen for the provincial president La Voz.

At that time there was a low percentage of counted tables, but that was necessary to judge that the trend was irreversible.

Later it was Foresi who communicated with the winner to congratulate him on the election.

Dellarossa also received greetings from the national government. Macri spoke to him and thanked him for the triumph. And he invited him to the Casa Rosada. There were also calls from the chief of staff, Marcos Peña; from the Minister of the Interior, Rogelio Frigerio; and from the Secretary-General of the Presidency, Fernando de Andreis.

In the vicinity of Dellarossa, however, they did not hide their inconvenience for the lack of the first line of Cambiemos administration to this city.

"We understand that this is not the time for big celebrations, because we are facing a crisis, but from here to next year it will only be bad news and this was a moment to profit", analyzed, with criticism, top leaders of Cambiemos Córdoba.

People. The neighbors of Marcos Juárez greeted the re-elected mayor Pedro Dellarossa yesterday. (Ramiro Pereyra)

People. The neighbors of Marcos Juárez greeted the re-elected mayor Pedro Dellarossa yesterday. (Ramiro Pereyra)


"The people vote for management," said the re-elected mayor when these media asked him what the key to the solid triumph had been.

In line with the Cambiomista discourse, Dellarossa emphasized the & # 39; teamwork & # 39; of its officials and emphasized the support of the provincial government in terms of works. "We work well with them, they fulfill what they have committed, and we hope to continue," he emphasized for this newspaper.

The election yesterday again showed a pattern that accumulates different antecedents. The municipal authorities protect against national currents.

Last year, Río Cuarto voted and changed political signals: Peronism was imposed. Months later, in the national legislators, Héctor Baldassi destroyed the legislative vote of Cambiemos in support of Macri.

To change Cordoba, the triumph of yesterday is also a relief, in times that the internal warming will take place because in parallel the internal scenario for 2019 is being drawn.

That is why nobody wanted to stay out of the picture. They were all in the long trailer that had been installed in front of the winning bunker. There was even room for improvised choreography, to the rhythm of the quartet and some cumbias.

There were Ramón Mestre, Mario Negri, Héctor Baldassi and Luis Juez, all aspiring, albeit with different chances, to lead a provincial nomination next year. Senator Laura Rodríguez Machado, the only female candidate for the governorship of Córdoba for Cambio, also did it.

The Malón from the capital and the interior were, among others, the national deputies Gabriel Frizza, Javier Pretto and Diego Mestre.

Burgerfront. Luis Juez was also at Dellarossa. (Ramiro Pereyra)

Burgerfront. Luis Juez was also at Dellarossa. (Ramiro Pereyra)

Among the provincial legislators, the Darío Capitani macrista was closest to Dellarossa, acting as a link between the intention and the Casa Rosada. The legislator Soher El Sukaria was another one who arrived here, as well as Oscar Tamis, mayor of Oliva and head of the forum of municipal chiefs of the PRO.

In the calendar of the provincial Peronism Marcos Juárez seemed annotated with a certain defeat. "There are no reasons for change," admitted important leaders who know the governor's thinking.

About the end of the campaign and when the crisis began to hit management, macrista appeared a few voices hopeful of a possible "bump". Dellarossa, however, has gone wide and continues to rule for four years.

Macri did not infect his plagues and the skinny benign, last night, could give the president a triumph that looks like an oasis in the middle of the desert.

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