Dental professionals at the end of the First National Marathon of Programming and Robotics

There were 15 teams that qualified for the final of the Robotics and Programming Marathon, organized by the National Directorate of Educational Innovation within the framework of the "Connected Learning" plan of the Ministry of Education of the Nation, which was developed yesterday in the Federal Capital. The boys of EP 53 from Tandil were among the five finalists in the Primary category.

The Robotics and Programming Marathon developed the final phase yesterday, with the definition of the winners under the finalist teams, in an event that was held personally and the winners were defined.

This proposal, framed in the Connected Learning Plan, promotes digital literacy for learning skills and knowledge needed for integration into digital culture and society of the future.

The National Director of Educational Innovation, Florencia Ripani, said: "This is a very important activity to promote learning programming and robotics, because it has generated a lot of motivation and many results in terms of the skills that all participants develop."

In the latter case, 45 students from all over the country handled the last challenge in person, accompanied by their reference teachers.

In the category "Primary", the team from Sanbeci (Santiago, Benjamín and Ciro), from primary school 53 "Comandante Don Eduardo Olivera", from Tandil, rode against Las Scratchitas, School of Primary Education. 6 "Juan Bautista Alberdi" from Bragado, province of Buenos Aires (ultimately the winners); Tera, Rufino Sánchez, city of Buenos Aires; Pinckterex, primary school Nº7 "Domingo Faustino Sarmiento", Province of Buenos Aires and Progreso1, multilingual and digital public school "Progresos y Sueños", province of San Luis.

Moreover, in the Basic Cycle Secondary they reached the last The Bit, E.E.S. No. 24 "Nelida Salom De Franchini" (Cep No. 24), Chaco Province; New Tech, Provincial Normal School of San Luis, La Pampa province; Saba II, I.P.E.T. and M. No. 246 "Dr. Amadeo Sabattini", Córdoba; Girls GAL, School of Fine Arts and decorative and industrial arts "Atilio Terragni", province of Tucumán and Lex / Tech, technical school No. 03 "Mariquita Sánchez de Thompson", city of Buenos Aires (winners).

In secondary category non-technically oriented cycle, Almafuerte, I.P.E.M. No. 299 "Dr. Spiridon Estefano Naumchik", Province of Córdoba; Programming minds, School of Secondary Education "Obispo Zapata", Province of San Juan (winners); Normal 2, Superior Normal School "Gral Manuel Belgrano", Santiago del Estero province; Carbonoyoditos, School of Commerce Carlos Pellegrini, city of Buenos Aires and .EXES, architect Carlos Thays, province of Mendoza.

The winners of the primary category received equipment for the participants and their school. The winners of the high school classes and the best team formed by women only won a trip to the University of Davis in California, where they will be further trained in programming.

The marathon was of a formative nature and strives for students to come up with and develop programming and technology solutions for real problems, to respond to the challenges that are presented, related to the environment.

The created programs will make people aware of various problems arising from waste and pollution and in turn improve the human right to a healthy environment. More than 7,500 students from all over the country participated in the competition.

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