Desperate search for a woman who disappeared in Guaymallén

The disappearance of a woman from Mendoza of 41 years in Los Corralitos, Guaymallén, arose from a desperate search of her relatives and justice .

The event took place on the afternoon of last Thursday, August 16, around 18, when María Cristina Martí left her home to find her daughter (8) at the Pedro Nolasco school, but he reached never his destination and nothing is known about his whereabouts, according to his family members.

In addition, family members Los Andes confided that the woman left all her belongings at home, including her cell phone, because she did not intend to search long between the search for her young daughter and the return home. , located in the street Severo del Castillo.

The Oficina Fiscal 19, of the 35th district of Rodeo de la Cruz took the whereabouts report. The woman measures approximately 1.53 meters, has a white complexion and wore a green polar jacket until the moment of disappearance.

If you have seen or know anything of it, please contact 2615911783 or 4910925 – 4914895.

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