Diario Uno – A major hail fell in the east

A big storm of rain, wind and hail hit this Sunday on East Mendoza, according to the Twitter site Las Catitas Mendoza.

The hailstorm caused damage to city trees in La Paz and Santa Rosa, although the effects of the event on productive fields are still unknown.

Although Climatic Contingencies had predicted the occasionality of isolated storms, a & # 39; supercel & # 39; surprise at the neighbors.

Due to the violent storms, the hospital in La Paz suffered from the rain and the ups and downs.

How does time go?

Climatic Contingencies reported on Sunday that Monday there would be the possibility of isolated storms in Mendoza. The forecast says that from Sunday evening or early Monday morning the chance of rain is low, but with little change in temperature. degrees on Sunday, but on the first working day of the week the temperature will rise to 29 degrees, with partly cloudy skies and light east winds. In the rest of the week there will be a drop in temperature, with maximums that can rise 24 ° C .

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