Doctors & # 39; pro-life & # 39; reported to the hospital where the abortion was done with the raped girl

The first legal abortion in the province of San Juan unbound a war between "pro-life" doctors and the Rawson hospital authorities, where the exercise was performed on Sunday at sunrise. A 14-year-old disabled adolescent had entered the institution to interrupt her pregnancy as she discovered that it was a product of a violation, a cause considered by the Penal Code. A group of health workers, however, wanted to take the case to court, but they found an unusual setback.

In dialogue with, Sources of the local Ministry of Health confirmed that two referees from the "Provida San Juan" room, identified as Federico Bazán and Paola Miers, submitted their complaint to the Public Prosecutor Daniel Galvani to appeal to the institution that carried out the intervention. But in the same process they have left evidence that they have committed certain irregularitieswho will now play against him.

The doctors admitted that he had been admitted to the hospital without permission -to prevent abortion from being performed – and even access to medical records. Justice has not only rejected his complaint, since the termination of pregnancy is provided by the current regulations, but has begun an investigation against the complainants to verify these crimes.

The war between doctors

The scandal that arose in this province in this case began Friday when a neighbor reported it a disabled teenager of 14 years who has the mental understanding of a girl of 5, was raped by the owner of the field in which the father of the victim works. The girl was ten weeks pregnant.

Immediately the Judicial Center for the All-embracing Approach to Children and Victims of Adolescents (ANIVI) and the Second Court took the case and interviewed the girl. After asking for a psychological examination, the deputy judge Eduardo Raed asked for evidence-based measures against the abuse, such as obtaining ovoid material to identify the perpetrator of the violation.

In this way, the police arrested Marcelo Villalobo, a 32-year-old Bolivian citizen, owner of the Quinta of the Medano de Oro region. So far only suspected in the investigation.

The decision to allow the voluntary interruption of the pregnancy it was in the hands of the San Juan Department of Health, based on paragraph 2 of Article 86 of the Penal Code, standards that consider abortion and are not punishable in rape cases since 1921, and the case law of Fal Fal, where the Supreme Court has unanimously determined that women are raped are they able to perform an abortion without the permission of the judge and without fear of a criminal sanction.

As soon as the victim's parents had signed the consent, the intervention was scheduled for Saturday at 5 p.m., but they had to postpone it because the adolescent had mixed cookies with a tea, when the doctors had explained that they could not do anything by mouth. take. before you enter the operating room.

However, that was not the only obstacle they faced. As soon as they re-programmed the exercise, a group of pro-life demonstrators they went to the Rawson hospital to prevent the victim from breaking off. Between fighting and pushing, the police had to intervene to expel the people who were concentrated at the entrance of the place.

Despite the incidents, hospital professionals were able to practice during the early hours of Sunday morning. As confirmed by the Ministry of Health, the same day in the morning He was fired and since then he has three medical checks at home. Employees of the Social Development portfolio intervened in their turn to help and control the family.

Given the impact of the case and the intimidation of the doctors who participated in the intervention, The government expressed its solidarity and repeated with a communiqué that the operation was in accordance with the applicable regulations and the authorities of the hospital acted to guarantee the public the right to public health.

In their turn, ten organizations came to support the ministry's decision and demonstrated their involvement in practice. "We appeal to San Juan and Argentina's society to support the professional diversions of our community that guarantee the rights of girls, women and pregnant persons," they concluded in a letter approved by Amnesty International. , Network of Professionals or Health for the right to decide on San Juan, Red Par, Forum for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, among others.

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