Eduardo Costantini on devaluation: "Many of us are not billionaires anymore"

Eduardo Costantini analyzed the economic crisis in the country while the price increase already reached 39.5% this year and said: "Many of us like to be billionaire"The creator of the real estate development Nordelta admitted that in the urbanization" the crisis is felt, but it is lighter than in other places "and found that" the financial mess was lagging behind ".

In radial conversation with No more agendaJournalist Jairo Straccia mentioned that Forbes magazine counted him among the richest people in the country. To which Costantini replied: "It is true, but let us not forget that there was a huge loss of assets. Many of us stop being billionaire because they evaluate the price of the shares. Now Consultatio is a laugh, worth 30% of what it was worth. "

The entrepreneur argued that the financial crisis "has been left behind" and stated that "now we have the imbalances of relative prices". "The rates were back, the inflation went up and the salary went down, but there are some positive effects in this malaise, as we once again had a trade surplus and the Argentine dollar bill improved." In this connection, he emphasized that the support of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) replaces the private sector in the willingness to borrow.

On the election scene for 2020, the economist judged that the country "must convince the private sector that it can be lent to Argentina" and stresses that the next president will have to be responsible. So, he pointed out that "he would like listen to what Cristina Kirchner would do and what attitude she would take towards the IMF"In a possible presidency.

On the other hand, while a group of domestic workers denounced that their employers compiled signatures so that the combis company operating in Nordelta prevented them from traveling with them, Costantini assured them that they would work with the municipality of Tigre, so that a series public transportation to the property.

"Nordelta It is not a closed neighborhood, it's a town. Live 40 thousand inhabitants and 10,000 people go to work. There should be public transport and that people can pay with the ups. The price difference is huge, "he concluded.

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