Electrolux has licensed all its staff for one month

The Electrolux fridge factory, located in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe, had to make a decision for a month to license all its personnel.

The measure was taken to reduce operating costs, given the abrupt decline in sales and the surplus stock stored.

The situation of nearly a thousand workers who carry out tasks at the Battle and Ordóñez plant at 3400, worries the metallurgical union, in the current context of the economic recession and marked decline in consumption.

The company clarified that it will continue to pay the salaries at 100 percent. This is the intention to save unnecessary operating costs and prevent overproduction of units produced, because the demand collapsed.

"It is annoying that people now have to take a vacation, because everyone prefers to do it when their children are in the summer school or before the end of the year parties, but well … in this crisis scenario, this is less bad," said the lawyer. from the local metallurgical union, Pablo Cerra.

In addition, he said that "the serious and worrying thing is that this decision is based on the hopeless decline in sales there, the rope will cut at some point and we are worried about the workers who have less rest to the crisis. to resist."

"We take charge of the employers, who are the employers, but we can not cover our eyes and ignore reality." This is not a single company crisis, it is a crisis of activity: bodies, appliances, foundries, they all go through desolate for a moment, "he added.

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