Environmental meetings complain about "repression" in San Roque

Environmental organizations have been denouncing for months that the mountain road planned by the provincial government endangers the native forest of Córdoba when it is on a uranium deposit.

Since last Wednesday, neighbors, accompanied by members of the Assemblies of Punilla, are trying to prevent the advance of the bulldozers working on the site, as reported, outside the limits laid down in the layout of the motorway.

Moreover, they ensure that the engineers of the company José J. Chediack S.A.I.C.A. they have not submitted plans that support the elucidation of indigenous forest in an area that does not match the layout of the Costa Azul variant work.

This Tuesday there were clashes between neighbors and police officers. Various media and organizations published video's of the events through their networks, which were reduced by the Cordoba police and the infantry gantry.

the Coordinator against police and institutional repression (Correpi) reported that nine people have been arrested: Guillermo Estigarribia, Carla Umlant, Claudia Ferreyra, Lucas Gonzalez, Graciela Passera, Gonzalez Marcelo, Horacio Iván Arias, Melina Dassano and Santiago Ferrari. The organisation United by Monte He also indicated that there is an injured person.

The Assembly for the defense of the environment calls for mobilization for the next August 31 in rejecting the Cordoba Highway project.

Roads of the Sierras

For his part, the company Roads of the Sierras He reported that the work Autovia Variante Costa Azul and Puente on the Lago San Roque link Ruta E-55, which has been running for almost two years, "complies with all relevant legal provisions and also has the corresponding environmental permit under resolution 143/2017, of date of 16 May 2017, awarded by the Secretary of the Environment of the province of Córdoba ".

With regard to arrests by the police, they expressed it before the attitude of a group of neighbors of the zone who claimed to prevent the normal progress of the duties and before the claim of Caminos de las Sierras, the minister of security of the province , Alfonso Mosqueraand the Attorney General, Jorge Córdoba, They appeared before the Public Prosecutor of Carlos Paz, responsible for Gustavo Mazzuchi, to those who have presented all relevant documentation and have requested the intervention of the prosecution to guarantee the normal development of the works ".

image: Ecos Córdoba

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