Etchecolatz requested to be re-admitted to the police if cash was withdrawn

The oppressed prisoner Miguel Etchecolatz requested to become a member of the police Buenos Aires withdrawn as money.

The man, convicted of crimes against humanity for 89 years and six times, presented a summary trial in court it is of the opinion that the exemption constitutes "a flagrant violation of the right of defense".

The claim, which the Supreme Court could reach, derives from his departure from the security force, which became official last year after the administration of María Eugenia Vidal in the province it will be established that Etchecolatz was still registered in the list of retired uniforms, as if he were retiring.

After this finding, the Minister of Security Cristian Ritondo decided to remove him from the force, the measure that came into effect on 8 August 2017.

As it turned out, the ex-commissioner filed a short appeal against this decision, in which he also asks "what actions" he has carried out "to list in the alleged errors".

Last March, Etchecolatz was transferred to the Ezeiza Federal Penitentiary Complex after some time of house arrest in his home in the Bosque Peralta Ramos district, in the town of Mar del Plata.

The former policeman had agreed to this advantage in December 2017, but the Ministry of Justice revoked the measure, amid protests from the residents of that area.

He was head of Investigations of the Bonaerense during the de facto government of Ramón Camps and he is referred to as the director of 21 clandestine detention camps.

After the return of democracy, the repressor was convicted six times for multiple crimes against humanity, including the stealing of babies, abduction, torture, murder and disappearances.

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