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The two major fires that kept firefighters in suspense in the mountains of Córdoba were checked on Saturday, both in Capilla del Monte and Jerónimo Cortéz, reported Claudio Vignetta, secretary of Climate Risk Management and Catastrophe of the province. .

During the morning of Saturday, a hundred firefighters and four fire hydrants worked in Capilla del Monte, who controlled the flames after noon. "We had some restarts that were quickly put down, we are using all available means so that there is no new restart," Vignetta said, clarifying that if the situation was kept under control, the axle guard could start between 18 and 19.

The focus of Capilla del Monte is still active (photo @MinGobCba).

The focus of Capilla del Monte is still active (photo @MinGobCba).

Although some reports on the origin of the outbreaks are still lacking, Vignetta judged that "the source has almost certainly been the Capilla del Monte landfill, so we will need extreme preventive measures."

A firefighter who had been injured was referred to a health center, but is already in good condition and was fired. Diego Concha, director of Civil Defense, added in a dialogue with Chain 3 that there were no problems with housing.

Last night, from the place, Concha warned that the flames were uncontrollable and that the circumference was very wide.

That was how the fire flared up on Friday night (Carlos Romero / La Voz).

That was how the fire flared up on Friday night (Carlos Romero / La Voz).

"It started at the edge of Route 38, first burnt grasslands to the west and then to the east and fed over the Sierras, where it already took native forest, in many kilometers, to the area of ​​Los Terrones and route 17", had described Concha.

Jerónimo Cortéz

The fire at Jerónimo Cortéz, in the Balnearia area, had consumed almost 1000 hectares of forest, but was also checked from Saturday afternoon. "That focus was also checked and we have about 50 firefighters who are not reactivated," he said.

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