First legal abortion in San Juan: they tried to prevent a handicapped and raped girl society

The clandestine militants have organized incidents in the Rawson Hospital corridors where the legal abortion took place. (Photo:

The clandestine militants have organized incidents in the Rawson Hospital corridors where the legal abortion took place. (Photo:

The province San Juan made this Sunday for the first time legal abortion in your public health caredespite non-compliance with the National Health Protocol for the attention of non-punishable cases.

The break took place this Sunday in the Rawson Hospital on one adolescent of 14 years with an intellectual disability, who was pregnant with a 10-week pregnancy due to a rape for which the patron saint of the field in which he lives is held.

After the operation in the capital of San Juan, the girl recovers in the health center while being taken up by the child abuse and juvenile abuse committee.

The case falls within the abortions that the Article 86 of the Argentine criminal code, so that if the pregnancy results from a rape to a woman or to an "idiotic or demented" woman, the intervention is not punishable.

However, the intervention was controversial and there were even incidents at the Rawson Hospital at the time of the operation when militants in favor of clandestine abortion tried to stop the stretcher from going through the stretcher to the operating room. Moreover, the Diario de Cuyo says that judges were called to prevent abortion.

The report of the offense was presented by the family of the minor before the Center for the comprehensive approach of victims of children (ANIVI) and in the court of instruction of the second nomination.

Because of the fact one 32-year-old man named Marcelo Villalobo, owner of the estate in the Medano de Oro area where the girl's family worked.

San Juan was heavenly in Congress

It is not surprising that in San Juan a legal interruption of pregnancy causes controversies. In the parliamentary debate on the legalization of abortion, all your legislators have voted against: the six deputies José Luis Gioja, Daniela Castro, Eduardo Caceres, Florencia Peñaloza, Graciela Caselles and Walberto Allende and the three senators Rubén Uñac, Cristina López and Roberto Basualdo.

Also the justicialista governor, Sergio Uñac, protested against guaranteeing the right to women and pregnant people in the middle of the national debate.

Six years from error "F.A.L." of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation who entrusted the provinces with the implementation of hospital protocols to attend non-punishable abortions, San Juan not only complied with the Protocol for the comprehensive care of persons with the right to legal interruption of the pregnancy of the ministry of health, but also that it even has local regulations.

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