For Urtubey, an internal PJ would be "a scam"

He is the Peronist governor who is closest to Macri; or rather, the one who criticizes the president the least. He talks about the need to help the national government "to do good in Argentina" and for that he says he is working on building a coalition that leaves behind the personalities that he said the country has done very badly.

That's why he admits The Andes that your goal is one "Third position" that exceeds Kirchnerism and Macrismo.

Juan Manuel Urtubey, Governor of Salta, was in Mendoza yesterday and alternated between protocol activities – the presentation of the Puma's "rugby match" and "political construction", including a solo meeting with Alfredo Cornejo in the Government House.

He also had breakfast with business people brought together by the UCIM and the Bolsa de Comercio in Chacras. "Gente de Laburo", defined the Salta and said that at this critical stage of the economy "essentially demands rules of the game, out of permanent instability".

About his close relationship with the governor of Mendoza (This week they shared a trip to Chile), saying "it has to do with my work logic" because "Mendoza has the same problems as Salta with the regional economies." We need minimal consensus frameworks and together with Cornejo we have solved some difficult situations that have occurred ".

Yet he clarified that the political coalition he is proposing – with him as a presidential candidate or not – will not include any sector of the current government party because "it is a government that has no clear plan, is left to what the markets command".

Although it opens the door to other political colors, pIn the afternoon Urtubey met the dome of the Mendoza PJ. They were closed doors and reportedly, among others, Omar Felix, Ruben Miranda, Guillermo Carmona, Patricia Farré (chairman of the block of senators) and Carina Segovia (his few deputies).

Similarly it differs from the current peronism: "It would be a scam to go to the internal (in 2019), where we pretend we are all the same, because we are not all the same."

And it celebrates the judicial investigation of the K notebooks: "It is a positive element for Argentina, so that once and for all the chaff separates from the wheat and it is clear who the ones are doing things within the framework of the law and who benefit from the positions of political and business power" .

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