From this Sunday there is a new detour of work in the southern ring road News directly from

Caminos de las Sierras informed through its social networks that from this Sunday 2 September a new detour of work will be carried out in the neighborhood of Avenida Fuerza Aérea.

The detour only affects motorists traveling from the Highway 20 Córdoba Carlos Paz or the Fuerza aérea Avenue towards Flores Station and Ruta 5.

In that sense they assured that "it will be to make progress in the construction of main roads in the trench of the Circumvallation, as well as with the branches and bridges of the future distributor of connection between the two lanes".

Aemás, explained that "it is a new temporary layout in the area close to the detour that was turned on ten days ago."

They asked motorists to circulate cautiously and to respect the indications that are indicative of the maximum speed established on the job site.

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