From this Tuesday, the stolen mobile phones will not work in any part of the country

From this Tuesday, August 28, the stolen mobile phones are blocked by the various communication networks and can no longer be used.

It is estimated that in Argentina steal about 4,000 mobile phones a day, but the good news is that from this Tuesday, August 28, they will be unused.

The plan was promoted by the government of the city of Buenos Aires, which drafted a plan to "dismantle the city Mafia"This includes inspections in commercial galleries and sales areas for telephony.

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The head of the Cybercrime division, Carlos Gabriel Rojas, told the newspaper La Nación: "From a decision by the Enacom after negotiations with the providers, if a smartphone is stolen and the IMEI is forged, it is removed and it can not be used or sold.It is an important measure because, for all of us stolen phones they are stained with blood, because the circumstances of the abduction are generally violent. "

Martín Ocampo, Minister of Justice and Security of Buenos Aires, said: "The aim is to dismantle the Mafia that is behind the theft of mobile phones and that generally coexist motochorros. We will not allow the sale of stolen mobile phones in the city and we will continue to disrupt these illegal trading caves as often as necessary. "

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