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The staff of the gendarmerie found the medicine that was conditioned on tables when driving a long-distance bus in San Pedro de Jujuy. A woman was arrested.


08/20/2018 00:00

Personnel of the 60 San Pedro Squadron, deployed in the Chalicán section, who controlled the route 34, kilometer 1212, on arrival in a collective of the company La Veloz del Norte, found in the winery six tables that did not correspond with the size and weight according to the ticket of equpaje and that belonged to a Peruvian woman of 25 years.

The dog "Urco" from the team cinotecnico of the force reacted delighted to the presence of the anesthetic.

When sawing the wood a double bottom was found containing cocaine with a weight of 105,170 grams.

Judge Jujuy and the public prosecutor intervened and ordered that the drug be confiscated and that the woman concerned was detained.

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