He finished his working day and died with the engine

Monday, August 20, 2018 00:00

A boy of 18 was killed by two bullets in the chest in the early hours of Saturday, when he worked in the Lomas de Zamora district in Buenos Aires.
According to the testimony, Ivn Gregorio Echeverra proceeded to embark on a petrol station at the arrival of a trade in the area (Juan XXIII and Virgilio) and then made a few meters when two engine makers aligned the area and threatened with a weapon to steal the engine.
The young man, always according to the testimony of people who had seen the murder, had tried to accelerate to escape, but the two thieves walked him and without saying anything, they shot him down and then escaped without taking anything, Crnica reported.
The testimony of the witnesses in the Lomas de Zamora commissioner 9th. from Park Barn allowed the researchers to determine that it was an attack and to exclude other hypotheses, because until then other possibilities were woven
Tax No. 6 of that district tried to identify the suspects and the vehicle with which they escaped with the images from the security cameras of the area to arrest them for the murder in attempted theft aggravated by the use of a firearm.

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