He tried to visit his ex-partner in prison, who stabbed her

Romina Taiguan Source: Archive – Credit: Gentileza El Liberal

Santiago del Estero – Marta Romina Taiguán is in a very serious health condition for several weeks product of five brutal stitches made by Rubén Alberto Giménez. His recovery was wonderful and he made the inhabitants of Santiago in tension with several chains of prayer.

Today Giménez is imprisoned in the Single Center for the Detained (CUD), accused of "attempted femicide" and awaiting his oral trial.

The CUD troops observed yesterday that Giménez, around 17, while the visits were taking place, spoke with three women and one of them was visibly nervous. They approached her, took her aside, and asked again for her identification.

The amazement of the penitentiary agents was total. They looked at each other without being able to believe it. It was Marta Romina Taiguán, the young woman who miraculously saved her life and now visited her aggressor.

The CUD authorities immediately communicated with the unit for sexual violence under the direction of Dr. Andrea Juárez, who ordered the young woman to be removed from the prison system and at the same time asked for her permission to be banned.

Giménez explains with one of her lawyers
Giménez explains with one of her lawyers Source: Archive – Credit: Gentileza El Liberal

Nervous, pained and on the verge of tears, Taiguan retired immediately. Before she said that nobody had forced her to leave, her mother, Nancy Acevedo, told Diario Panorama: "I had told Romina not to go there, but it seems that the Giménez family planned everything because my daughter He entered that place with a sister of this man. & # 39;

Acevedo said: "My daughter constantly thinks about why her ex-partner tried to kill her, she always thinks about it and needs help, I'm going to ask her to hold it in, I'm afraid of this situation, because when I go to work, they start looking for her, Romina, the family members of the aggressor and they ask him to think about the boys ".

On July 13, Rubén Alberto Giménez, 43, tried to assassinate his former partner Marta Romina Taiguán in a house in the city of Campo Gallo, 250 kilometers north of the capital of Santiago. He stabbed him five times.

Under the assumption that the woman was dead, Giménez went to the police station in Campo Gallo, completely bloody, and confessed that she had killed her ex-partner, without knowing that she had miraculously rescued herself.

The victim remained in hospital for a number of weeks, with deep wounds in the thorax and abdomen.

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