"He was the head of the cabinet, not a man who went shopping"

In the case of the notebooks also Martin Larraburu, who was secretary of the former chief of staff Juan Manuel Abal Medina, stated. As his boss did a few days ago, Larraburu abandoned his responsibilities, said he did not know the origins of the funds and that he transferred them to the operator Juan Carlos Mazzón, to the mayor Jose Ottavis and a reference for La Campora Andrés Larroque.

the house of Larraburu was searched, a number of pen drives were found in which forms were found that specified the distribution of money. Again Mazzón, Ottavis, Larroque and Oscar Parrilli were mentioned.

Mazzón is a historical leader of the Peronism that transcended the borders of Mendoza. Mazzón died three years ago. Yesterday, s you son Mauricio said pointed to the former leader of the Cabinet : "Use the figure of my father who died can not defend himself.Abal Medina was chief of staff.He was not a man who did the shopping, I only received the money and I automatically gave it to my father for distribution, it seems ridiculous to me. "

Mauricio Mazzon argued that" that election of 2013 was very important, Massa debuted with a political power outside the justification domain and also played the opportunity to propose the re-election of the president It is clear that the involvement of Abal Medina in those elections was central to the province of Buenos Aires My old man never played a role in politics of the province of Buenos Aires, he has never been there. "

The son of the remembered operator pointed to the Larraburu pen drive: " Abal Medina sent his trusted employee and secretary will find the pen drive where all payments are described. If they worked together with my father, why did not they give it directly to my father and avoided the mediation? It is the legal strategy of Abal Medina to take responsibility by hitting my old man. "

The Andes reminded him that he always drove that his father supported and funded political lists that divided the radical voice. It is common to mention radical divisions of 2007 and 2013, as well as several candidates of the Democratic Party

"For the Peronism of Mendoza it is central that there are alternatives, because in a polarized election it becomes very difficult, especially because it is a conservative vote. That my old man encouraged lists that broke that polarization, is a political strategy, and certainly encouraged and in what I could have helped them; now that he has financed them, it is ridiculous and a simplification that does not fit the reality, "he said.

He added that" there was at least a political moment that helped to make alternatives. In 2015 they succeeded in reaching a consensus and putting together a front. "

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