Hebe rejected the destruction of Nestor's bust in Morón: everything they do to him opens thousands of hearts

The President of the Mothers' Association Plaza de Mayo, Hebe de Bonafini, repudió the destruction of the bust of Néstor Kirchner in the municipality of Morón. The leader went to the place and talked about the unfortunate episode.

"So much Nestor gave us, we owe him so much. Everything they do to him opens thousands of hearts, "said Hebe. "We have to come here because the mothers are recognized because they have made us their companions," he said.


Last week, the city council, through the impulse of Cambiemos, approved the bust of the former president in the middle of the cause of the notebooks. One of the goals was the mayor of Cambiemos of that place: Ramiro Tagliaferro.

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