Hospital Posadas: in the midst of a series of layoffs, they deny the closing versions – 12/09/2018

In the last three weeks, the series dismissed that had shaken administrative staff, nurses, cleaning staff, surveillance and hospital technicians Posadas, touch the doctors square. As reported by professionals and trade unions, More than 40 specialists They received telegrams.

There are four clinicians, four psychiatrists, three midwives, three pediatric cardiovascular surgeons, three specialists in hemodynamics, two neurosurgeons, two pathologists, a specialist in Traumatologist in Column, a pediatric cardiologist, an otorrino, a pulmonologist, a rheumatologist and a pediatrician. . Many of them, professionals say, they are essential to support the daily task within the Posadas.

"They are fundamental pieces and we did so because of this situation sectors without coverage, studies that we can not do and we are overloaded. This has added fear to our colleagues with whom we have been working for years and the fear that affects us, "he says. Horn a female head of the Clinica Médica del Posadas sector and warns that she has patients at risk due to the lack of specialists: "For example, there is a woman admitted to the hospital awaiting a cardiovascular surgery, who has suspended it because she is have fired the professional who had to operate it. & # 39; And he says that a few weeks ago, in the run up to the layoffs, the medical director resigned after they announced that "the redundancies of professionals would come".

Conflict in the hospital Posadas. (Diego Waldmann)

Conflict in the hospital Posadas. (Diego Waldmann)

Among the victims are endoscopies, sonographers, imaging doctors and specialists in intensive therapy.

According to Luis Lichtensztein, chairman of the Professional Association of the Cicop Posadas guild, the irregularities come in advance. At the end of the previous government, before the exit of Kirchnerism, some thousand people entered the hospital in administrative positions. "That happened in November 2015. And before the start of the new management, they unlinked about 600 people," he adds.

In June 2017 they decided to implement the extension of 10 to 12 hours for the nurses of the night shiftsays Lichtensztein. "It was a resolution inconsulta and many of those affected by the change went to justice. Those who did not keep the change started to pay between 40% and 50% of your salary. In January of this year, 122 people were made redundant, most of whom belonged to this group, "points out the Cicop referee and points out that they were qualified nurses who covered important areas such as Intensive Infant and Adult Therapy, Neonatology and Coronary Unit.

Between March and April, another 35 people were cast: more nurses, technicians and administrative staff. "They talk about not renewing contracts, but in reality they are fired, with more than 80% of employees having temporary contracts but renewing them years ago: in some cases they are in hospital 25 years ago. From one day to the next they are disconnected and they do it without compensation, "adds Lichtensztein.

In the last days it was the doctors' turn: Clarín had 41 professionals. From the national executive of Posadas, by Pablo Bertoldi Hepburn, denied "the excesses of the last hours that talk about the alleged closure of the hospital and / or different medical areas". On the other hand, they confirmed via a statement "the decoupling of staff from the health team that has occurred in recent days". According to them, it was "based on the Serious violation of workloadFinally, they noted that "the care for all patients is guaranteed".

This early Wednesday the news emerged that the head of the team for cardiovascular surgery of children in the Posadas hospital, Christian Kreutzer, had proposed his resignation and that, as a sign of guidance, all his team had made the same determination. This information was confirmed by Kreutzer himself. Apparently this would have happened after professionals from his service received the telegram of dismissal.

Carina Almirón, Mirtha Arceri, Luis del Río and Gimena Letieri are part of the staff who are discharged from the Posadas hospital. (Diego Waldmann)

Carina Almirón, Mirtha Arceri, Luis del Río and Gimena Letieri are part of the staff who are discharged from the Posadas hospital. (Diego Waldmann)

Hours later, Josefa Rodríguez, secretary of health regulation and health management of the nation, assured this newspaper that, after talking to the professional, "Kreutzer and his team would continue in the hospital." You could find out HornStill, that is not confirmed. Kreutzer gets a license for a few days and waits for some changes, including re-settings, to determine whether he will return or not.

Regarding the dismissals, Rodriguez told this newspaper that "they are in all cases related to the non-compliance in the work schedule, which is more than 50% of your day".

Consulted by the claim of the professionals remaining in the Posadas, Rodriguez assured that "it is possible that significant mistakes have been made. If that is the case, they will be corrected. Bertoldi has met with the heads of the medical departments and they look at things. "

Approximately 400 employees demonstrated at the roundabout of the Posadas hospital on Wednesday afternoon. They have already announced that they will repeat the action on Friday, a day when they will define a date for a strike.

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