How to access the houses of San Martín and La Dormida

As of today, the registration for applicants for the houses has been reopened to be built via the line Urban Developments in the towns of San Martín and La Dormida. From 0 am the forms are available on the ProCreAr website:

"ProCreAr wants to continue helping more and more Argentines to realize the dream of their own home." Reopen the registration so that residents of San Martin and neighboring cities can register and participate in the draw for 118 houses on the site in the Néstor Kirchner neighborhood, at the crossroads between National 7 and Provincial 45, "the statement said.

Those who currently live in La Dormida, Santa Rosa, Junin, Rivadavia, La Paz and San Martin can also seek one of the 82 properties available in the Pedro Videla street complex between Máximo Suarez and Saavedra, close to the routes National 7 and Provincial 50.

The requirements

– Applicants must be between 18 and 55 years old
-registration family income net between 1 to 7 minimum wages, vital and mobile at the time of registration (varying from the requirement according to the type of home to which it strives)

– have no characteristics in your name or that of a member of your family group, have at least 12 months of seniority (in dependence or self-employed or monotributista)

– Do not include negative information in the financial system of the past year.

– Those selected in the ProCreAr "Own Home Solution" rule and who have decided not to continue with the management of their mortgage loans can also be noticed.

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