Hugo Moyano warned that if the dollar continues to rise, unemployment will rise – 31-08-2018

The Secretary General of Truckers, Hugo Moyano, warned that Friday If the dollar continues to rise, the national strike called by the CGT will continue before Tuesday 25 September.

"If the dollar continues to rise, do not worry about it," Moyano replied resolutely when asked about the possibility that the degree of violence would come forward.

"People ask you for a solution or attitude that these gentlemen try to make reality understand", emphasized the chairman of Independiente during a press conference.

Moreover, and after the judge had raised the embargo of 300 million pesos against the union of lorry drivers, Moyano pointed out to the Minister of Labor Jorge Triaca and asked his resignation when he called it "mamarracho".

"Regardless of how hard they claim or try to put pressure on us, they will not let us down, do not wear out because they will not be able to," said Moyano at a press conference at the headquarters of the union in the Constitución district in Buenos Aires.

Moyano also referred to the economic situation, characterized by two turbulent days in which the dollar cited $ 40, and warned that he Reopening of paritaria in October.

Press conference Hugo Moyano. Photo Juano Tesone

Press conference Hugo Moyano. Photo Juano Tesone

"It is indignant what this character does (Mauricio Macri), but the people have voted him, who now repent, he has done a lot of damage to the country, now every organization evaluates a parity in October to see how we got out of it. of this loss, "Moyano said.

And he doubled the bet: "It is unfortunate what happens, this devaluation consumes our salary, we are going to fight and in October we are going to ask for a salary increase."

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