"I drove Genaro over and I think I killed him," Julieta Silva told a friend News directly from LAVOZ.com.ar

A few minutes after the merger of Genaro Fortunato (25), Julieta Silva (30) spoke on the phone with her hockey coach and girlfriend, Silvia Ballarini, who told in her testimony during the trial that the woman told her: "I have run over Genaro and I think I killed him. & # 39;

In the process for the death of back beer, in Mendoza, on Wednesday, friends of the accused Silva and the victim, who shared that evening at the bowling La Mona.

Silva hit Fortunato with his car around 5 am in the morning of September 9, 2017 and minutes later he contacted Ballarini to tell him what had happened. The trainer said she was asleep when she received a phone call from Silva's ex-husband asking her to communicate with the woman, because she had received a phone call from him and could not go to the place because she had the two children she was shared, cared for.

"He asked me to call Julieta because she had let him cry because of what had happened and that he could not go to the scene of the accident because he cared for the children," said Ballarini. Until that moment, as recorded in a 911 recording, Silva said he did not know who he had been run over.

Eyewitnesses said that the woman had never approached her friend and that she was sheltering herself in the car that had been several meters ahead, according to Clarin.

Julieta & # 39; s friend said that Genaro was very jealous, and that he went to hockey training two weeks in a row "and kept looking at Julieta in the car".

Another witness testified during the hearing was Sebastián Zúñiga, former player of hurricane San Rafael and a friend of the couple. According to his story, "Genaro was nervous all night", a situation he attributed to the presence of Martín Maure, one of the twins with whom he had had strong crosses that arrived.

"Julieta spoke to one of the mellis and Genaro was angry," he said and added, "Melli told me what was going on and Genaro insulted him."

The background of Guzzo's proposal has to do with countering the strategy of the defense in connection with the visual difficulty of Silva. With regard to hockey, the prosecutor will state in his plea that Silva – without glasses – practiced that sport at night and "had no problem spotting the ball".

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