Important meetings: transport unions would stop for profit

Between today and tomorrow, trade unions are holding meetings to launch a possible general strike that would affect groups, trains, flights and sea transport.

November 14, 2018

Transport unions organize meetings during these hours define a possible total stop that affects collectives, trains, flights, trucks, sea and port transport, both passengers and freight, in the absence of a measure of general strength of CGT, which approved a bonus of up to $ 5000 with the Government.

The possible general strike of transport still has no date or modality, as he might know The Destape, and it would be called upon to require employees to exempt income tax.

The definitions arrive tomorrow, when the gremialistas meet in the Confederation of Workers of the Transport, in a plenary meeting in which they will analyze the measures to be taken. "The modality and the date are not confirmed and will be discussed tomorrow in a plenary session at the CATT"he said Pablo Biró to The Destape. As confirmed to this medium Juan Carlos Schmid, holder of the CATT, the meeting will be this Thursday at 11 o'clock in the morning.

According to the journalist Mariano Martin In the Financial Area, this afternoon the Confederation of Transport Workers (CATT) of the small table that UTA bus drivers, railway operators of La Fraternidad, truck drivers, airlines and the port Juan Carlos Schmid, former triumvirate of the CGT.

The head of the railway union will also be present, Sergio Sasia, the head of the taxi driver's union, Omar Vivianiand Pablo Biró from the Association of Airline Pilots (APLA).

In addition to the claim for profit, trade unionists will demand that the subsidies for the sector, the situation of pensioners and the discounts applied by previous strikes be reduced.

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